Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Freezer Afternoon

Whew, the kids and I spent most of the afternoon defrosting the old freezer. We had everything out and I took a pic, but the camera is still in the basement. I put everything back in neatly and there is a ton of extra space in there now! I could probably fit half a cow in there (if only they were free, lol!). So now I can open the freezer, grab what I want and be on my way. I also tossed some stuff. You know it has to be bad if I toss it.

I can't decide if we're having ham or turkey for Thanksgiving (we have two turkeys in the freezer). If we get our smoked ham in time, maybe that :). I have to find out what MIL is making and plan accordingly. I also found a nice beef roast that needs to be used up.