Saturday, October 16, 2010



Native to the North Atlantic and Pacific North-West, this purplish-red frond constitutes a favorite traditional snack Ireland. One serving meets your daily vitamin B6 quotient and provides plenty of iron. It also gives you vitamin B12, a nutrient rarely found in plants. For a chewy, jerky-like treat, add this salty, slightly tangy seaweed to trail mix."
I love dulse. It is one of those "acquired tastes" but as someone who grew up foraging the sea for mussels, clams, pennywinkles (aka periwinkle or sea snails) and crabs as a kid, it's right up my ally. Mark loves it Ethan loves it. Shaylee....doesn't, lol! I have to be in the mood to eat it but when I am, I love it.

It's a good healthy snack, rich in iodine, B vitamins, fiber and it is actually pretty low in sodium, not that sea based sodium is bad for you. We got a big bag for $10 on our last trip and I'm sure we'll have to get tons more when we go away again since it's more expensive in my town and in small bags (well, $2 a bag but that is just a little snack the way we eat it, lol!). Plus we like the chewy kind and most dulse around here is the really dried out kind that is hard to chew. Actually, that probably wouldn't be a bad idea to deter us from eating too much. It can cause a bit of gas if you eat too much (Mark seems especially fond of the "purple gaseous" foods, dulse, raisins, prunes,ect... much to the dismay of the people around him ;) ).

So if you're looking a new healthy yummy treat to try, I recommend trying some dulse :)