Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday Market Report October 12th

I am terrible. I have not been keeping track of what we have been spending. Part of the reason is the huge guilt I have over all the boxes of cookies we bought this weekend. GUILT GUILT! Pure junk. I feel terrible. The worst part is, I have probably eaten more than anyone. Yes, I have a problem.

Other than the junk, this is a basic rundown of what we've spent:
$350 side of beef! Whoo hoo!
about $20-25 at Bulk Barn for grains, spices, raisins, almonds and other bulk goodies.
$13 on milk (4x 2L, or two gallons in US$; it was on sale!)
$25 for 10lbs of butter, super sale! It's $4.29 regular price.
approx. $10 on produce (greens, bananas, broccoli, cabbage, ect..)
$20 today at Superstore (liver, cauliflower, more broccoli, gouda cheese, montery jack cheese, frozen smiles, locally made plum sauce, ham slices, corned beef slices, chick peas, ect..)
$10 on misc. stuff. and about $25 on junky cookies, crackers and ice cream :(

It is really hard to stay on the real food track when the kids are so picky. It's a vicious cycle. I need to stop buying it. Looking at ingredients will stop me most of the time, but Mark likes junk too. I told him if he wants it, he can buy it when he works since he works at a grocery store and it is there. It can be dangerous for me to go into a grocery store.