Thursday, November 4, 2010

The local food economy - News - The Vanguard

Brian Noble, chair of the Yarmouth Farmers Market, sees “nothing but bright things in the future.”  Belle Hatfield photo

Link: The local food economy - News - The Vanguard

I had to share this link because it shows that even in small towns, the food dynamic can change if there are people who are passionate enough about it. I wholly support what they are doing. It is great that there is a place in the market now for small farms to start out and grow.  This article is part of a series that will be run in our local newspaper and I really hope it gains lots of exposure!  If a small area like I live in can support 4-5 farmer run markets, it shows that the demand is there.

This is the market I usually visit in my little town.  I love it!  The kids and I have been getting to know the people there and it is such a positive atmosphere (just a side note, Brian Noble, the fellow in that picture, was one of my teachers when I was in school.  Now I buy my Jacobs Cattle beans from him!).  Some know what I want when they see me coming :) (especially the lady who the kids always buy a muffin and a doughnut from, lol!  Her son is the one who cut our meat).  It is a place where it is about more than just the food but it is a place of community.

On Saturday they are having workshops and I am planning on taking some.  I am very interested in the edible wild greens course.  I love greens and would love them even more if I foraged for them.

I keep posting these things on my facebook page hoping to spread the news to my local friends.  I would love to see my local food network grow and I will do what I can to support it.

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