Sunday, November 14, 2010

Meal Plan: Sunday Nov. 14th to Nov. 20th

Saturday I actually cleaned out my fridge, sat down and made a meal plan for the week.  I am trying to get some of this stuff eaten up.  I love shopping then I have all kinds of things I don't know how I'm going to use it up!

I didn't include breakfast as for me it's usually eggs.  This is also mainly for me.  The kids usually bring different things to school and Mark brings whatever for his work meals.  During the week I will be posting some of the recipes of the things I have eaten.  As you can tell, I am kind of gluten free/low carb/paleo kind of diet.  I'm trying to eat more veggies because it is hard for me, even though I love vegetables.  Also, everything is open to change if something isn't going to work.

Lunch: sandwiches (whatever everyone wants.  I'll soak the flour tonight and bake in the morning), soup
Supper: Crockpot chicken, potatoes, corn, brussel sprouts

Lunch: fried collard greens (in bacon grease), onions and sausage
Supper: steak, rice (soaked rice for family, riced cauliflower for me) and carrots

Lunch: cabbage fried in coconut oil, broccoli salad, leftover chicken
Supper: noodles for kids, mixed veggies, pork loin chops

Lunch: Onion leek soup with coconut flour garlic cheese biscuits
Supper: Pizza (soaked flour for family, cauliflower crust for me)

Lunch: baked sweet potatoes, leftovers
Supper: Spaghetti and meatballs (I'll have spaghetti squash)

Lunch: stew with coconut flour garlic cheese biscuits
Supper: hamburgers with fries and carrots

Lunch: an all dressed salad (big salad with meat or tuna and hard boiled eggs)
Supper: Taco Bake


elpi said...

I love planning meals, organize it! it should be complete and tasty. Thanks, such an inspiration