Friday, November 26, 2010

Note To Self:

Follow the instructions!

We were going to make vanilla frozen yogurt tonight and I wasn't thinking of the proper order of doing things.  So I put the ingredients in and put the top on, turn it on and nothing.  In the couple of seconds it took to put the cover on, the outer layer of ingredients froze making the paddle impossible to turn.  So it was a wasted batch.  Grrrr.  At least now I know and will remember for next time.

I also learned how to fix the pop top button when it fell off and I was in a panic that I broke our brand new ice cream maker!  The downside to ordering online is if something doesn't work, it can be a hassle to return.

Tomorrow I am planning on making a batch of pumpkin pie ice cream in the morning (made with buttercup squash instead of pumpkin) and egg nog ice cream around supper time.  The annual Christmas parade is going on tomorrow and I want to treat our family who watch it with us with hot chocolate and yummy homemade ice cream.  These are two pretty festive flavours and I can't wait to try them!!