Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Few Days Into It...

I unofficially started Saturday, as in I drudgingly got on the scale and started tracking what I was eating.  Sunday was our last family gathering of the Holidays and I stuffed my face with some not diet friendly food (MIL's skor bar triffle, yum!).  Monday I started lower carbing/gluten free eating again.  Today, I am down 11lbs from when I weighed myself Saturday.  I keep getting on the scale to make sure it's right.  It is!  So taking the junk and processed carbs and gluten out has practically caused me to start melting!  Whoo!   I know it was mostly water weight, as some will call it.  When I gain weight quickly, it is quick to come off at first, then it starts slowing down.  I am still 20lbs from my recent low but I will get there, healthily.  I am eating lots of good healthy fats, I am getting my veggies, I am eating often and I am eating until I am satisfied.  I do not let myself get hungry.  That is when the "bad" stuff starts to look good.  I am tracking on Spark People for accountability, as I believe I mentioned before.

Some things I am making an effort to do are include more probiotics.  I am eating half a cup of plain yogurt at least once a day.  I am also eating sauerkraut at least once a day as well as eating a little liverwurst.  Taking vitamin d3 is important as is cod liver oil and I think I may have to start taking a good multivitamin as I can see from tracking my food I am not getting all the things I need.   I don't like to rely on supplements but I do think they have their place (especially when you live in a dark dreary place and there is not a great variety of local foods in season).

Kelly the Kitchen Kop is asking for recipe ideas.  I have tons of low carb ones but can you believe I didn't blog much about them in my LC blog?  I think I will have to make something interesting for lunch, maybe one of my favorite low carb dishes.  I am going to be trying out a bunch of things to see how well they freeze so I can have quick easy meals.  I like to visit the message board at as I have been a long time member there and there are soooo many ideas!  They even have once a month cooking threads (OAMC).  You kind of have to sift through some of the recipes as many contain questionable ingredients and things I don't use, like splenda, but it is easy to either omit or use something else.

Another site I like for recipes is Linda Sue's low carb recipe site.  There are tons of great ideas there, many of which come from the afore mentioned message board where she is a very active member.

So I will be posting a recipe in a little while.  It is 9:30am right now so plenty of time to make some foods before lunch.  The kids are now back at school and all is quiet on the homefront.  I have cleaning to do but that is easy to do while cooking!