Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How Eating at Home Can Save Your Life

Link: How Eating at Home Can Save Your Life

I thought this was a very interesting article. Eating out and especially fast food has just exploded over the years. When I was a kid, it was a rare treat, usually reserved for when we were out of town or once or twice a year otherwise.

I remember waiting at Kentucky Fried Chicken (A.K.A. KFC these days) for half an hour while we waited for our food to cook and it was usually on Mother's Day to give Mom a break from cooking. They even had a place to sit if you were getting take out since it took so long to cook. Now you go in, get your food and you're good to go, almost no waiting any time of the day.

McDonalds is in my backyard and even in my little town, they have a steady stream of traffic around the clock. Tim Hortons, a popular coffee chain, causes traffic problems on one of our main streets in town, despite the fact we have three of them within a few kilometers of each other.

A very simple concept, real food at home! What is all this eating out doing to us? Just look around. It's killing us!

He also touches on other things which are very important for good health. I highly recommend reading it!


Man of the West said...

An' all the people said, "Amen!"