Friday, September 26, 2008


I had to wait to dehydrate the peppers since the tomatoes were taking so long. I tasted on and they were gross! I don't know what is up with them (edit to add that Shayee was playing with cleaning supplies around the sink and I think some got into the peppers). Most of them were from Sobeys. I may have to go to the Fruit and Veggie stand to get some fresh ones because I was looking forward to having dried ones over winter. The tomatoes are fabulous! I had to stop myself from tasting them, lol! It's amazing that you can take about 6lbs of something and dry it to something that will fit in a quart mason jar (roughly).

There is a buy one get one free sale at Sobeys starting tomorrow. I need to go through the flyer. I got to the BOGO whole wheat pasta and got too distracted, lol! The kids go through a lot of pasta and I'm getting low. I bought a 5lbs bag of regular but I prefer whole wheat. I'll probably load up and they won't like it anymore, lol! That happened with the macaroni and Kraft Dinner, now Ethan won't touch it.


Carla said...

Come to find out there was a problem at the store with the peppers. They were all hard and stinky at the store, so at least I know it wasn't me!