Saturday, June 28, 2008

Menu Plan starting Sunday

Menu's something I know I should be doing and often fail to. I think with our current food situation it would be to our benefit to start planning what we eat as to rotate everything. We also have a great abundance in our fridge that needs to get used up, so that too :)

So I will cobble together a menu plan for this week starting Sunday. I won't do breakfast as we all have our breakfast preferences. I also may shift things around according to how Mark works. He gets tired of some of the things the kids like to have a lot.

Lunch: salsa salad and bread with jam
Supper: Supper at Dave and Veronica's

Lunch: leftover split pea soup and biscuits
Supper: Baked chicken, corn on the cob and mashed potato

Lunch: Family BBQ at Port Maitland (bring curried pasta salad)
Supper: Church BBQ (bring hot dogs, buns and curried pasta salad)

Lunch: Hot Dogs
Supper: Pork chops and corn on the cob

Lunch: French fries
Supper: Ham, tomato zucchini dish and salad

Lunch: Soup and sandwiches
Supper: Homemade Chili (kids will probably want something different though) and biscuits

Lunch: Baked chicken quarters, mixed veggies, rice or potatoes
Supper: Homemade Pizza

Now as always, this is subject to change and I will change it as we go to reflect what we actually had. Sometimes I just plain don't feel like making what I have planned or there may be protests about what I am going to make. But I am going to try and stick to it the best I can :)