Tuesday, July 8, 2008


**edit to add** I think I was overreacting as I eat "normally" and am fine. **end edit**

Oh no! I am almost 99% certain that I have Celiac Disease. I have suspected it for a long time but this past weekend pretty much confirmed it. I have to avoid many of the foods I love so that I will no longer be in agony. Up to this point, I could live with many of the symptoms that I had, but the pain and feeling like I'm going to die, I can't live with. Food, no matter how yummy, isn't worth it.

Thankfully there is tons and tons of great info online about living a gluten free lifestyle. I have been reading all day. My eyes are tired and my brain hurts but it will be worth it. Since I'm used to low carb diets, it should be pretty easy since I can have some of my tempting foods like corn, potato and rice as well as a ton of other things. It will take me a while to get into the swing of things and it will be hard watching the family eat things that I can't. I need to look at the positive. It may not be forever. There is still tons of stuff I can have. I will not be deprived and I will be healthier and should hopefully lose weight as my body is healed.

So what is my gluten free day looking like so far? I had an apple for breakfast and a couple of chocolates (a no-no, but they didn't bother me). For lunch I had a couple of eggs, a big salad and I tried to make a corn tortilla but it didn't turn out. It was still good. The kids keep waving things I can't have under my nose but remembering the pain makes it easy to avoid.

Which would you rather have:

Oh yeah, we spent some money on groceries yesterday. $6.97 at the Fruit and Veg for apples, grapes, a cucumber, a pepper, some potatoes and something else I can't remember (we didn't get large quantities of anything). I'm going to have to start going there more often. We also spent $11.46 at Bulk Barn for some chia seeds, spelt flakes (which I can't have :( ), dates, millet and other things I can't remember. We also bought chips, $8 worth. So we spent $26.43 and there will probably be more since I need lots more fruits and veggies if I'm going to do this!


Megan said...

You can do it! I totally know what you're going through, I've been gluten free for about 5 months now, and it's awesome now that I'm used to it! My guts are so much happier!

Oh, and I found your blog on MDC, I'm an LDS mama in Canada as well, so HI!