Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Jam Is Made!!

Whew! Nearly 40 jars of varying sizes all containing home canned cooked jam :). It is sooooooo good! Oh my goodness! I was going to make more freezer jam but the cooked was so much better, richer and divine that I decided to make it all cooked.

I didn't realize how much work it was going to be, lol! I have never made so many of any preserves at one time. It was 6 batches of jam, almost the whole flat of berries (there is still one quart left over). I had to have the fan blowing at the stove or the smoke detector would of been going off constantly.

I have to say that one of my most favorite parts of canning is when you take the jars out and the lids pop, confirming the seal. With one batch they all popped as soon as I took them out, lol! It was a wonderful sound :)

Here are some pictures of my jamming day:

Everything ready and set to go. I could sure use an extra few feet of cupboard space!

My first batch getting ready to go in the canner.

Ready to take the plunge!

Making jam is hot work!

The beautiful results of all my hard work!

Grocery shopping for today. I should not be allowed into Superstore! I cannot walk in without buying tons of stuff I didn't mean to. I was going to go, get 4 boxes of pectin and get out. I ended up spending almost $30 :o. I got 2 bottles Classico Alfredo sauce ($1.99 each; Mark is tired of tomato based sauces), 3-4pk of pre and probiotic yogurt drinks (99 cents each; Shaylee LOVES these! They're usually $2.49), 4 packs of400g shredded cheese ($2.99 each, regularly $5.00!), a turnip (84 cents), some ginger root (20 cents), a sweet onion (37 cents), a tub of mixed melons (half off, so $1.75), tray of mushrooms (half off at 99 cents), a package of donuts (1.60, it was half off) plus the 4 boxes of pectin I went in for in the first place, which were 99 cents each. Sigh. I have to add $28.79 to my total. I also sent Mark back in for 5 more boxes of pectin. I wasn't going back, lol!!

And then there is Bulk Barn. I was planning for this though. We got a little more than 5lbs sultana raisins ($9.18), half a pound of chili powder ($2.08), a pound of black turtle beans (81 cents; I want to try to sprout them), 1lbs raw hulled sunflower seeds (99 cents, for sprouting), 75 cents worth of Montreal Steak Spice, 44 cents worth of dill weed, 1.35lbs of honey ($3.39) a pound of licorice all sorts (2.37; for when dad comes over , if they last that long, lol!), 4 Jolly Rancher candies (26 cents) and some blue gummy sharks (1.01) for a grand total of $21.79, bringing today's total up to $55.54. I wasn't planning on the candy, but the rest is good. It's so easy to pick up stuff and the kids always want a treat.


that chick said...

superstore and bulk barn - you have the same weaknesses as me. but, as my partner says, at least it's not shoes and makeup.