Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday Savings!

Sometimes things just seem to go a little too well. I am starting to wonder when the bad luck will come as it seems for the last few months we've had tons of good fortune (well, we've had some but it seems trivial in comparison).

I was all set to go to M&M Meat Shops as I have a gift card and they had some things I wanted to get. They also had a scratch and save event today where you could save up to 50% off. I had a feeling I may get it, but I didn't get my hopes up. So we go, get a couple of boxes of meatballs and some hamburgers. She handed over a stack of scratch cards and I ask Shaylee to pick one. Well, she picked three so I almost picked the top one but decided to go with the bottom one. I used my gift card to scratch it and saw a 5, then a 0 then I realized that I won 50% off! Oh my gosh!! For a non-gambler that's like winning the jackpot, lol! Mark says "What else can we get!!" So we get more meatballs and hamburgers plus a huge box of chicken breasts and a big bag of spicy curly fries. We ended up paying only $10.46 after the gift card, whoo hoo! Then we spent the day wishing we had got more stuff. There are so many things I'd love to try but it's so expensive. I was also sooo grateful we had the freezer space! A month ago we couldn't of done that.

So that accounts for $10.46 of our grocery spending, lol! It will go a long way.

Yesterday's amount was another flat of strawberries and 5 packs of shredded cheese.

$4.99 of today's grocery money come from grapes, a bag of pickling cukes, a red pepper and turnip from Dayton Fruit and Vegetable. The remaining $30.16 is from the South End Red and White where I got 3 small packs of top sirloin steak (yum!), a few pounds of lean ground beef, 2 small black forest hams, 2 packs of pizza pepperoni, a case of 24 pepperoni sticks, a big bag of chips and 2 cans of pop for the park. I think I'm forgetting something as well. You can often get a ton of great deals on meat from the Red and White. The Dayton didn't have much, but I'm kicking myself for not buying the 20kg bag of flour they had for $23. I'm holding out for the Speerville co-op.

So that's where our grocery money has gone.

Right now I'm dehydrating strawberries and the house smells so nice! I'm also freezing whole berries. I'm not doing any more jam, lol! I may make some all-fruit roll ups though. Of course I can always do that with frozen berries when I can get cheap apples since I'm getting pretty tired of working with strawberries.

Earlier I made a big pot of chili for lunch and I assembled a lasagna which we will have for supper tomorrow. I was going to cook it, but didn't want to smell it all day. The leftovers for both will make their way to the freezer for future meals.

I guess I should get a menu plan done up for the next week. I'm fasting right now (from food, not water) so although I can't eat, I'll fill my thoughts of what we'll be nourished with next week. There was a great article in the Ensign (a magazine my church puts out) about healthy eating. I would like to try harder. I also need to try harder to stick to my menu plans! I'm going to try to minimize my shopping this week. I am going to stick to one day for shopping and do it all in one day and try not to buy so much. We're so blessed to have so much that we should be ok for a while ;)

Menu Plan for Week Starting July 6th:
Lunch: Chili and biscuits
Supper: Lasagna and salad

Lunch: Soup and Sandwiches
Supper: Baked ham, green or yellow beans, sauteed cabbage, baked potato and baby carrots

Lunch: Rice and stir fry
Supper: Hamburgers and salad

Lunch: Spaghetti and meatballs
Supper: bean burritos or tacos, salad and other raw veggies

Lunch: Fries (baked homemade or curly), baby carrots, cukes, turnip sticks
Supper: Haddock chowder (kids will probably have tomato), garlic biscuits

Lunch: Leftovers or something else (running out of ideas, lol!)
Supper: Hamburger helper (kids fave), cukes and another veggie

Lunch: Falfel, rice, steamed California veggies
Supper: Homemade Pizza