Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Episode 2 Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I think I posted about the first episode on my other blog but since it's food related, I'll write about it here.

All I can say is wow. I was totally flabbergasted at the kids in this episode. They did not know what a single vegetable was in it's natural form. I mean really, they didn't know what a tomato or a potato was? My jaw literally dropped. I think I had tears of gratitude that my kids know what everything is. I love taking them around the produce isles and if they don't know what something is, we find out. We often buy new things to try, although they usually pass in the end. I'm glad my kids know what to do with vegetables, they know how to peel, cut, even how to grow them. They just don't like to eat all of them, lol!

I was also shocked after the chicken nugget demonstration, how disgusted they were with the ground up chicken carcass, bones and all. They wanted to eat it simply because they were hungry, yet turned their nose up at real chicken. So basically because it resembled what they knew, they ate it even if it disgusted them. Now I'm not opposed to not wasting. Chicken carcass is great for making stock.

I was also surprised at the visual of the fat and food. Again, I'm not opposed to fat but when it is overly processed junk that has no nutritive value, it isn't good for little bodies, day in and day out.

It was shocking when they went to the doctor. I think of that poor boy and how drastically life altering it would be if he was diabetic, how hard for the family. I know I am worried about it and honestly surprised I am not diabetic. Their whole family just seemed so sad and unhealthy and I hope that was the wake up call they needed.

Food is one of those hard things. We need it to live but it can kill us if we do not eat the right things. There are so many good food options in this world that we have options. It makes me want to eat healthier :)