Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Market Report

I am still hoping to do the Monday Meal Plan but I thought it would be a step in the right direction to have a Monday Market report. If I do my marketing on Monday morning, then it will start my week off with a full larder. Then in the summer, I can do the Farmers Markets on Saturday and that will be less to buy when I do my Monday Marketing (or I will be less tempted to buy in the store when I've already bought locally at the market).

I made three stops this morning. First was Dayton Fruit and Vegetable. There I picked up the following:
Spinach: $2.00
10lbs bag potatoes: $1.99
10lbs bags onions: $2.97
cabbage: $0.67
sweet potatoes: $3.28 ($0.79/lbs)
garlic: $0.48
2 small english cukes: $1.50
Bananas: $1.30
Total: $14.17

Then I went to Sobeys. There I got:
1.5kg bag of blueberries (craving!): $8.49
1 container natural yogurt (need for the cultures): $2.49
8 cans coconut milk: $5.25!! (it was signed wrong so I got one free. It was regular $3.29, ringing in at $2.50 but it was signed 2/$1.50)
Total: $16.23

I went to Superstore next. I wasn't going to but I knew they had some things I wanted:
2L Mac Nut Frozen yogurt (I told the kids I'd get it for them to try): $4.00
2lbs mussels: $3.00
small carton sauerkraut: $1.59
900g bag brown rice: $2.39
pack "natural" cheese strings: $3.00 (with coupon)
3pack large english cukes: $3.00
omega eggs: $1.99 (half off)
free range, farm eggs: $2.39 (half off)
4L Cooks milk: $6.93
Total (including cents off for using cloth bags): $28. 14

So $58.54 isn't too bad. We have a lot on hand and a lot of this will last longer than one week. I got mostly whole foods so it was a good trip in my opinion. I am seeing some stew in my very near future as well as some blueberry smoothies. I have really been craving veggies lately and need to get some more greens growing.

I hope to later get a meal plan up. I have a lot to do from our trip including lots of laundry and dishes, plus even though we left with the apartment clean, it seemed to spawn filth overnight.