Saturday, April 3, 2010

Traditional Foods in a Nutshell

Traditional Foods in a Nutshell

Great link, I had to share it. I am already struggling with eating clean being Easter weekend and all the treats. Why does every holiday have to become an excuse to eat?? Baby steps is what I keep telling myself. We can't fully expect ourselves to fully delve into a new way of anything without priming ourselves a bit first. I have been preparing but I've had a very hard week and am coming into this with low mental and emotional reserves. Sadly, sometimes a bit of chocolate does make me feel a bit better, but only temporarily.

Then last night I made the family a pepperoni and a donair pizza. I could not resist having some donair pizza and it was soooo good (but such a bad idea for someone who is supposed to be avoiding wheat!). I need to learn to make my own donair meat as all my attempts have been flops. The last time I used very lean fresh from the pastured cow ground beef so I think it was simply too lean. You need good fatty meat for donair meat. Yum!