Friday, April 2, 2010

Pickles, I love Pickles

Real Food, My Way: Pickle FAQ

Yes, I love pickles but I have never been able to make them. I just wanted to mark my spot for when cucumbers are in season and I can attempt to make some using traditional methods. I also found the following sweet pickle recipe from the link above and I want to make sure I know where it is. How great to make pickles with honey instead of sugar! (note, these would not be probiotic, just yummy :) ).

As noted, I haven't made these yet. I have bought the Strubbs lacto-fermented pickles. I thought they were good but Mark thought they tasted like an outhouse, lol! I guess when you're used to vinegar pickles, it is a bit of a taste adjustment. I am just trying to come up with more probiotic ideas that I like to help my gut heal.