Friday, September 24, 2010


You may be wondering what the title of my post means. "God's natural organic whole foods grown locally and in season". I love it! It is a blog I've been following for a while now: . For a while, I was drooling over the fact she has e-courses on her site. As you may have figured out, we aren't exactly in a postition to pay a lot of money for things right now. I am using all our resources to source local, healthy, nourishing food to sustain my family.

However, she offers a "pay what you can" option for the courses. I hesitated for months because I knew we could not afford much. So I paid what I could. If we can afford to, I will pay more later because it is an enormous resource! I am blown away by all the information and the awesome way it is presented. It has helped me understand why we need to do certain things to food to make them more digestable and allow maximum absorption of the good things while cutting out the bad.

Since I have "lots of free time" (as so many seem to think, but not really) and I really want to get into real food, I thought why not. I should learn to do it properly. I follow lots of real food blogs but it gets time consuming and a lot to wade through and I rarely get to the fundamentals. Speaking of which, there is a fundamentals course and a sourdough course. I will be working through them all (except the ones where I can't afford to get the cultures, like kombucha, for example). I'll be doing the best I can.

I have my first project soaking right now, brown rice. We are going to have a "Chinese" supper of soaked rice, vegetable egg rolls and a stir fry. The egg rolls aren't really considered "traditional" but it is a locally made food so it could be worse, I guess. I need to transition my family into better eating and I know it will take time.

I bought some sunflower seeds today which I will be making into sunbutter. It's like peanut butter but since it is not a nut, the kids will be able to take it to school. I am trying to find out about soaking and dehydrating. I also bought a few pounds of raw almonds that I plan to soak and dehydrate. I've done it before and they are yummy! I got a few other natural foods at the bulk food store and will go back to get more. They have a coupon to save $3 if you spend $10 or more plus you get a free reusable shopping bag if you spend $10 or more. Win win!.