Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Random Ramblings

I think I am finally wearing Mark down about getting a side or quarter beef. I showed him a visual and compared the price to other areas and it is a steal of a deal.

I have also been learning more about untraditional root cellaring. I have always had a vision of building a cold room in our basement. How I plan it is to build it out of cardboard and attach it to one of the basement windows, which would be open a little to let the cold air in during the winter. I would have a heavy flap over what would be the entrance so I could go in to get stuff out. I never tried because I wondered if I could actually get it to work. I will attempt it if I can find enough cardboard. I know real root cellars or cold rooms get their coolness from being inside the earth. Our basement gets pretty warm because the apartment heating/hot water pipes run through it (not just ours but our neighbors too since we're all on the same ones). I have read accounts of where some people would just dig a deep hole in the ground and cover it with straw and just reach in over winter to take things out if they couldn't build a proper cellar/cool room.

I am going to try the carrots in sawdust again, as well as turnip. From what I read, wrapping apples, potatoes and winter squash in newspaper is supposed to help their longevity (potatoes are cheap enough over winter I won't worry about long term storage unless I get a 50lbs bag). I worry about the newsprint though. I have metal racks I am going to put them on. When I tried wooden before, they rotted pretty quickly (but that too may of been because it was too warm down there). Trial and error. I need to learn so we can eat better and more locally. It is something I really feel I need to do!

I keep talking to Mark about how I want to get the junk out of our home but it's so hard. It really is an addiction. We are all losing because we are all gaining more weight, even my skin and bones son is getting quite pudgy. Convenience food is easy but it adds up in cost, not just the price on the shelf. I could easily nourish my family for less as long as I put the time into it. When school starts, I will have more time. I hate that I found it so hard when the kids were around but I just have no focus. When they're around, I find it hard to get things done. Don't know why. Plus it's easier to just throw something quick on because we get busy and forget about making meals.

This is going to change! I have been trying but it really is hard for me.

Hurricane Earl passed through over the weekend. It didn't hit us hard. The only thing I didn't like about it was that they didn't have the farmer's market this weekend. I was planning on getting some things too. Hopefully this coming week! We did go to the Tusket market on Thursday. We didn't buy anything except soap. It was very busy and I am always shy about asking how much things are since most don't price things. I need to get over that.

Last night I got a few packs of fresh haddock and can't wait to enjoy them! We'll have one today and the rest I wrapped in foil for the freezer.

Well, enough ramblings for now. I will update soon about our Eat Atlantic Challenge day :)