Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Market Report Sept. 27th

Well, I didn't have much luck at the market on Thursday. I went but didn't buy anything. I wanted to, but there wasn't anything we needed nor were there any good buys.
Saturday, however, was a much better day! At the farmer's market, I bought two packages of grass fed beef ($5), two huge bunches of organic leeks ($2 each, so $4), a handful of organic hot peppers ($1) a bunch of organic green onions ($1), a big bunch of greens, I'm not sure what, maybe kale? (I usually get swiss chard from this lady but this was all she had, $1), 1 pound bag of dried beans ($2) and two dozen eggs ($3.50 for regular and $2 for pullet eggs). So a pretty good haul for just under $20.

I dehydrated the leeks and I'm really hoping to get more this week as they dry so good and are so Tasty!!

After the farmers market, we went to Wallace Brother's farm for some apple picking fun! We picked a huge basket of apples and it was $7.

I asked about arctic kiwi and they had some this time! Shaylee is showing the container we were filling. He only charged $1 for a 2 pound container! The half pint containers in the store are on sale this week for $2! They are so super yummy! I hope they have more the next time we go.


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I'm loving learning the art of food. Like the pics, seems fun! Healthy eating=)

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