Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh The Irony!

***Edited to add that ended up not making the cake.  I hope she didn't read this and was offended :(**

I had a list of things I wanted to do when the kids went to school. In all honesty, I haven't done much on that list. One of the things was perfecting my cake making and decorating skills. I put that on the back burner since I only make a couple of fancy cakes a year.

Yesterday, I got a call from someone my mother-in-law was talking to whom she told I made fondant cakes. I was a little speechless. Here I was giving up on the idea of cake making and someone wants to pay me to make a cake. Not only giving up on cake making, but getting rid of my refined flours, sugars and food coloring. I almost tossed it all.

So now I just have to figure out how much to charge. That is the hard part. She was going to pay someone $125. There is a reason people charge that much for cakes. Being someone who always undercharges, I almost said $15 but that wouldn't even cover the supplies/ingredients, let alone time. I will also have to get a cake board and box, so I may charge $40, $35 if she returns the cake board and box. I have been watching videos all morning to refresh my mind about how to do it.

So yes, oh the irony. Here I am trying to eat better and making pure sugary junk for pay. The even more ironic part is I plan to put the money in my grass fed meat fund! (that is where I put all my extra money and earned money from babysitting and such)

Right now, I have a bunch of things on the go. I wanted to try to make soaked flour bread machine bread. Around 4pm last night, I mixed the flour it would take for a loaf with a couple tablespoons of kefir and the water required for the recipe. I put it in the machine until the flour was completely soaked. I covered and let sit overnight. I proofed some yeast in warm water and honey then added it to the flour as well as some oil and a pinch of salt. I put it in the machine to mix and it was splashing everywhere! I tried putting a towel over it, but it wasn't working, so I stopped it and hand kneaded the flour mix with the other ingredients until it was able to mix better with the paddle. I generally don't do much kneading because of my hands (which is why I always use the bread machine), but it mixed well and seems to be a nice soft dough. It's on the first rise. I hope it turns out. I have a feeling I may have to tweak things a bit to get them just right.