Thursday, December 2, 2010

Light I Like

Ours does not look like this but I think it's
too new in Canada to find an online picture :)
Sometimes we will have compromise foods in our life, especially when starting out trying to eat better (especially with very picky kids!!).  For example, a quick easy meal that I can make in minutes is spaghetti and meatballs.  The meatballs are frozen (precooked, I throw them in with the pasta to cook), I use whole wheat pasta and the kids favorite sauce is Ragu, straight from the bottle.  That is my compromise as it has soy oil in it, one of the things I try hard to avoid.  I do like that it is in a bottle instead of the bpa lined cans (although the lids most likely have it).  Plus I find it has a better taste (I have grown to hate the taste of canned foods).

Now, here in Canada we don't get products  like they do in the US.  I have been looking for sugar cookie Celestial Seasonings for years and have finally given up, for example.  When I was low carbing and into the products, they didn't come here for a couple of years after they were in the states.

This week Ragu was on sale for $1 a bottle so I was stocking up (it's usually about $3 a bottle).  There was a new kind, light spaghetti sauce so I got half original and half light.  When I got home, I realized the light had no soy oil in it!  Whoo hoo!  I know what I'll be buying from now on!  I went back and got some more because we use a bottle a week between spaghetti, pizza and other dishes.

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Lorraine said...

But what about the sugar in it... or the natural flavour. Natural flavour is anything but natural, most often an alternative name for MSG or excitotoxins. Pizza and spaghetti sauce around here is organic crushed tomatoes with added olive oil and spices. I have to deal with it coming from a lined can though so that still does not please me. Next year I vow to can my own crushed tomatoes.

Carla said...

I knew someone would comment on those ;) (I was going to go back and refine my post a bit because I feel like I left it hanging but I think I'll leave it as is).

Like I said, its a compromise food. Considering all I have taken out of our diet, the small amount that is in them is a something I am willing to live with for now until their tastes change again (I don't give up offering new things). I've tried lots of other sauce alternatives and the kids do not like them. So IMO,it's a bit better than a lot of things I could be giving them but not ideal.

Carla said...

Ok, I emailed Ragu from their site to see if the spices or spice extract in the product list contained MSG (or if their other products have it due to sensitivity). The ingredients do not list natural flavor. Hopefully they will get back in touch with me soon!

Lorraine said...

Oh I hear ya! We were quite a while in refining our cupboards. With the kids I found if I got *them* to make a new recipe they were stoked to try it. With the crushed tomatoes as a pasta sauce I really went all out, frying cut veggies in olive oil (that's my compromise, frying in olive oil! Should really be using coconut oil). Then with the garlic and spices, sliced mushrooms etc and I originally put organic sugar in because the canned sauces are so sweet. So then they liked the "new" sauce. NOw there's no sugar in it, no veggies even sometimes if I'm in a rush. Don't count on the food co. telling you if there's MSG in the recipe, quite often glutamates are a bi-product of the "natural flavour" manufacturing. Discovered all this when I figured out I'm MSG sensitive. See for a list of glutamate producing ingredients, it's frightening. Citric Acid is another biggie that I see in almost everything, it's made by feeding corn syrup to black mold, it is NOT from citrus fruit as one would tend to think! It's all dirty pool in my books...

And I see now that Utopia organic crushed tomatoes is now in a goldish colored can, no plastic lining! w00t!