Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sad Day


Wardeh, you have change my life.  Your e-course was spectacular and I learned so much.  I wish I could continue my membership but things are financially really hard and that extra money is needed for groceries.  If things look up, I'll be back in a heart beat.  The videos and accompanying dialogue made everything so clear and really help me see and understand how to make traditional foods (can you believe dialogue is not in my spellcheck but Facebook is?).

I have spent the last few days watching videos.  I even dreamed Wardeh was with me on a cross province trip, making stops at bake offs last night and checking water levels in small communities, lol!  Yeah, kind of weird!

So friends, if you are overwhelmed and not sure how to get going with traditional food preparation, I highly recommend signing up for these e-courses.  Click the banner for a link.  It is very reasonably priced with courses for all price ranges but it is still a hardship for us right now.

I am planning to do a complete overhaul of our eating in the new year.  I am going to find things the kids LIKE.  I am tired of catering to their picky food likes.  They even turn their noses up at things most kids love!  I am making tacos for lunch and while I just have my son home, I am hoping he will try and like them (I once made them too spicy so they would never eat them again.  Update: it is like trying to get a rock to eat.  He will not try it, just nibbling some of the tortilla.  He was moaning and upset over trying something new; have I mentioned he has sensory food issues?).    I have my dough resting for tortillas and while my hamburger is frozen, I find it's easy to cook if it is going to be in crumbles anyway.  It is a quick, easy to prepare lunch.

I don't really have any recipes because to be honest, I haven't really been cooking.  I have still been very sick and very tired.  This illness has taken a lot out of me.  I haven't had the energy to keep up with dishes (until this morning, every single dish, utensil and pot and pan was dirty, literally).  I haven't had the energy to shop.  I haven't  felt like making real food, even though I made a pot of stew and a batch of rolls for a friend who just had a baby.  We have been relying on easy junk and it is showing.  I am so bloated and ill and I know it's not helping me get better eating junk.  My Candida is so bad it is affecting my mouth so I know I need to get the sugar and refined grains out.

So enough whining.  I will be better prepared in the new year.  Wardeh is a great example of organization.  When I watch,I think she must have OCD too, lol!!  (I have OCD but a weird kind)  I must meal plan again.  I must stop wasting food and making better use of the food we have.    There is a lot I want to do but the ultimate goal will be to nourish our bodies.


Lorraine said...

Hello Carla,

I have a suggestion. I think the first thing you need to do is to stop owning all these illnesses. My candida, my sciatia, my depression. Please don't own them, they are not welcome; one does not welcome and own life-robbing invaders.

I can't read your blogs anymore :-( I always want to come and see how an "old friend" is doing but I find myself getting so glum while reading. You're a woman of God, I know you have that faith and now you need to surrender, everything you need is around you to help you with this.

Perhaps these will help: and The Caroline Myss book will help you figure out why you are not healing, you'll see how it's of your own doing and you will learn so much about yourself. Just open up your heart and your mind and find out what you need to do in partnership with the Divine and you will watch yourself let healing in.

Good luck Carla, I'm sending you so much love. The woowoos call it sending Love and Light, white light to shine God's grace upon you and pink light for unconditional love.

Please get the books. You don't deserve to be living the way you're living and these books will help. If you don't do it for you, please at least do initially for the kids, and you'll slowing see that you're doing it for you too.

Much love, LM

Lorraine said...

Oh and please don't let the Spiritual nature (vs. Christian nature) of the books deter you. Caroline Myss is actually an extremely devout Catholic, her research and knowledge just goes back millenia before Christianity enters the picture and her works are all-inclusive. In fact, most of this book was created from experiences from workshops she did for her previous book, which was based on the writings of St. Teresa of Avila. Mystic, yes, but very Christian.