Saturday, February 26, 2011

Butter Is Better

I love butter.  I wouldn't even consider using margarine anymore, even though it is roughly half the price if there is a sale.  There are a lot of health benefits to using butter and despite what you may of heard, it is much healthier than margarine.  Healthy saturated fats have been unfairly villanized as they have not been proven to cause heart disease but heart disease has actually been on the rise since butter and other animal fats have been replaced with  vegetable fats (just how fatty are vegetables anyway?  Yeah, I know, it comes from the seed.  Trust me, I watched a disgusting video showing how canola oil was made and it made me wonder how ANYone could think it was healthy!).

Most importantly, butter tastes way better!  Since we have used it exclusively, I notice a difference when eating food at other people's houses that use margarine.  I am always tempted to bring some real butter but don't want to offend.

This is the butter I got :)
Anyway, we were at Walmart to get Shaylee a pair of sneakers ($5 on clearance, yes!) when I noticed they had cultured butter.  Hmmm, never tried that before.  Not only did they have it but it was on sale for $4.48 (I think).  I bought a couple because I know that cultured food is more beneficial than regular food.

The taste was kind of bland but it is unsalted.  After a couple of tastes I did grow to like it more but since I'm used to salted butter, it was kind of plain to me and I was eating it off the spoon.  I don't know if I would switch outright to it since it is more expensive.  The regular price is $5.49 (or so) and I stock up on butter when it is $3.49 a pound for the regular stuff and we're good for a while.  Plus we are watching our pennies so we can go away for March Break :)