Monday, February 14, 2011

Healthy 4 Life 4 Valentines Day

I was waiting for this and it is finally here! Weston A. Price Foundation released their Healthy 4 Life e-book! Be sure to check it out. I haven't read through it all yet, but what I have read is clear, concise and very understandable. The information you need that cuts right to the chase.

I highly recommend downloading it or even just reading it online, especially if you are looking for more information about what it all means like I still am. You can also order the actual book for $10.

There is information, it discusses the various food groups and there are even recipes. Yay! Love new recipes :)

I have misplaced my camera so I haven't been able to post some pictures of things.

Our Valentines Day supper is cooking and smells so good! Mark and I are having honey garlic steak (I'm cooking a plain one for the kids). I'm also making rice and red chard; I love swiss chard! Ethan is on a salad kick so he'll probably have that instead. For dessert I made a gluten/grain free chocolate cake. I put gluten free whoopie pies in their lunches! (I got the recipe from a menu mailer I bought from Cooking Traditional Foods so I shouldn't share it, but there is a similar one here, which is paleo, which is probably closer to what I want anyway, minus the red dye).

Today I gave myself permission to buy an unhealthy TV dinner for lunch since I was going to be home alone. Hungry Man dinners were on sale for $1.99 (regular $5). I picked up the Mexican one, then put it back. Picked it up, looked at the ingredients, which was a mile long and put it back. After looking at the other ones, I walked away. Then I went back, lol! I put one in the cart and started to go to pay but I just couldn't. I just couldn't do it. It just wasn't worth it. I kept thinking that the meal just wasn't food anymore, it was so distant from its natural state. And the Mexican one was probably the healthiest of the bunch! I'll have to make some homemade, which will be healthier and probably yummier :)