Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Basmati Rice

I am going to ease back into writing again because being depressed is taking a toll on me.  I know it is related to health in some way but I don't have a doctor to whom I can go to so we can figure out what the heck is wrong.  I am trying to be more diligent in changing how we, and especially how I, eat because it is taking its toll.

So why did I decide to write about basmati rice today?  Well, I need to write about something, don't I?  ;)

Actually, it started with me trying to find things to put in the kids lunches.  Boy, they are hard to pack for.  I always fall back on tomato soup because it's easy, cheap and they will eat it all.  But when they eat something too often, they get bored.  So I have been exploring options.  Rice is something they said they would like to bring.  I can butter it up so they have a nice healthy fat to go with it.

I have always thought brown rice was the healthiest.  Never mind it tasted a little odd but you do what you do.  The long cook time puts me off making it very often and when I do, I make a large pot.  Most of it goes to waste that way since it gets shoved to the back of the fridge and forgotten about.  Plus everyone in my family likes white better.

Then I was reading the Healthy Home Economist's blog saying that brown rice may not necessarily be the best.  Apparently the phytic acid in brown rice is really hard to break down which means you do not absorb the minerals.  Hmmmm!  She also talks about how the fiber in whole grains is actually really bad for our bodies.  Fruit and veggie fiber = good, grain fiber = bad.  That makes sense to me based on how I feel when I eat either one.

Sarah says that her family eats basmati rice, which is more nutritious than plain white rice.  Well, if that's the case, I decided to give it a try.  We better like it because I bought a 4.54kg bag of it today on sale!  (approx. 10lbs).  The best before on it is August 24, 2012 so we have time to use it up, although I may store it in the freezer.

(Update: Mark and I had some for lunch with our taco soup {recipe to come} and I LOVE it!  It is the best rice I ever had!  I soaked it for an hour and it took about 10 minutes to cook to tender perfection.  With salt and butter, it can stand alone for taste. )

On the package it still suggests soaking it for at least half an hour.  I'm sure it is to improve the taste or cook-ability.  I could always soak it overnight, cook in the morning and put it in their thermos's. has basmati rice if you want to check out these links (yes, I am an affiliate).  I did not buy organic as the store did not have it:
Village Harvest Organic Basmati Premium Aromatic Rice, 30-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)
Rice, Brown Basmati, Organic, 25# Bulk
Rice, Basmati Brown Lundberg, Organic, 3lb
Laziz Basmati Rice, 10-Pound BagSBR White Basmati Rice - Certified Organic Gluten-Free Kosher Certified- 2LB

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