Monday, November 1, 2010

Whole Foods 365 Organic: Made in China. An ABC Expos�. | elephant journal

Link: Whole Foods 365 Organic: Made in China. An ABC Expos�. | elephant journal

We don't have Whole Foods here but it brings to light the fact that we need to be aware of what we eat. Always read labels, even if it is something that you have bought a hundred times before!

There was a veggie blend I used to love that was made in Canada. I knew it was so I stopped reading the label. One day I was putting the packages in the freezer and noticed it said "Product of China". What??? I had another bag already in the freezer and that too was from China. This was about a year ago. I think I passed the bags of veggies along because I couldn't bring myself to eat them.

The kids had a favorite brand of fruit snack that I didn't feel too bad about buying them. Last year I noticed they had a "Responsibly Made In China" label on the bad. Really? I mean....Really? I just don't feel good about that, especially since they can tag anything with the by-line of "Responsible". Hey, I'm responsibly drinking and driving (not me, since I don't drink period, but you know what I mean).

Almost every brand of pickles in the store are made in India. It's really cheaper to make them there and ship all those heavy bottles over here only to sell them at half the price of Canadian pickles? I can't make a good dill pickle to save my life and now I have to wait until the ones from my country go on sale when I want pickles.

It's disgusting that food from overseas is cheaper and we are blind and oblivious about where our food is coming from, the environmental footprint of what we eat and the safety concerns due to lax safety regulations in other countries.

It really bothers me that we are so removed from our food.

And finally, on a related note, I am writing a NaNoWriMo novel about my struggles with food . It will be taking a lot of my time but I feel it's important. It's called: " Is This Going To Kill Me?"

Synopsis: My life and relationship with food, from growing up being forced to diet and being fat anyway to being OCD and physically unable to eat and what brought me to that point.


Farmgirl Cyn said...

I've even seen the organic label on bags of veggies from China! Nope. Don't trust them. We try to eat more "local" with the obvious exceptions. (bananas, olive oil, chocolate!...ooh...and maybe shrimp during the holidays!) At least with "local" I sorta know where my food is coming from.