Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Ramblings

I wrote a while back how I was going to try root cellaring in our apartment basement. This is the second time I tried and the second time I've failed due to unseasonably warm weather. I live on the south western tip of Nova Scotia, Canada and although it has been snowing in other parts of our province, it has been rather warm here. The basement is retaining a lot of heat.

Because of this, things are rotting and fast! Our carrots turned to mush in a few days (I have completely given up on them as I bought more to try again and they went bad right away), our squash is rotting faster than we can keep up with it and everything else is just going. Sigh. It was a noble attempt but I guess you can't fight mother nature. I hope to go to the valley soon to get more cheap squash and keeping it under the deck in a large tote. We love squash and I'd hoped it would at least last until Christmas. I will probably have to bake it all and try to cram it in our overstuffed freezer!

Well it is a new month and a new try for the Monday Market Report starting today! I didn't keep tally last week. I am fighting a bit of depression related shopping lately and I seem to spend more than I planned. I did stock up on butter on sale for $2.88 a pound (we must have about 20lbs floating around between the freezer and fridge!), 3 bags of 1.5kg (roughly 6lbs) local frozen wild blueberries for $5.99 each, eggs $1.88 a dozen (of course after I bought them, I read Joel Salatin describe store bought eggs in his "Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal") and some other things that aren't coming to mind. The kids and I went to the Farmers Market on Saturday but all I bought were a big bag of organic leeks I plan to dehydrate ($2.50) and a bag of organic beet greens ($2). I only had $5 otherwise I would of bought more.

I struggle a lot between what we can afford and what is optimal. We have no options at all for local butter or grass fed and raw dairy is totally out of the question (we have no where to pasture a cow!). Organic is shipped in from far away but what we do buy is produced rather locally (within province). Eggs are impossible to find locally lately. I know (now) they are a seasonal food and while the eggs are from within my province, they are still factory eggs and I don't know if the conditions are better than what I see are going on in the United States.

Milk, well my whole family agrees that the local dairy tastes better. The last few cartons of organic milk I bought were terrible and I'll never buy it again. Truly disgusting. I don't know what they did to it but it used to taste fresh and delicious but the last few times, it tasted burnt and old. The organic chocolate milk is always curdled and after throwing away a couple of cartons, I said no more. We do sometimes buy it from another dairy from the province, but I always feel guilty that I do it to save some money (local milk doesn't go on sale but milk shipped in from other parts of NS does).

I sometimes drive myself crazy trying to be food aware. Once you start, it's hard to stop. I want to know where everything comes from and from under what conditions. We are what we eat and I don't want to be an amalgamation of chemicals and artificial junk.

I am seeing how Halloween candy is affecting my kids and I have been pointing it out to them. Hyperactivity, sensitivity, melt downs, ect... Halloween managed to be stretched over a week because everyone felt bad we weren't Trick or Treating due to the Sabbath. Well, the kids made up for treats in spades. I struggle because the kids don't want to give up their treats and I don't expect them to. I know what it's like to be a kid and have lots of goodies. They are good and ask before they eat though. They ask to do everything anyway and while it sometimes drives me crazy, I also appreciate they are respectful enough to ask, even if they are cranky when I say no, lol! No need to eat junk right before a meal.

Well, those are some of my ramblings. It is 2am and I couldn't get back to bed so I thought I'd write. Last week I wrote up a bunch of posts and scheduled them so I wouldn't have to write every day. I'm glad I did. I will probably do this until I get through all the things I wanted to post, even though I'll have to start coming up with more new recipes soon!