Thursday, November 25, 2010

Vanilla & Ice Cream

20 Rich Aromatic ORGANIC Bourbon vanilla beans/pods (eBay item 350413984313 end time 15-Dec-10 21:23:40 AEDST) : Home Garden: "This vanilla is of the V.Planifolia variety which is like the Madagascan bourbon"

I finally found locally made vanilla. It is made in West Pubnico which isn't too far from here (Gavel brand, I believe). I was so excited! It was also only $2.05 for a big bottle. I scooped it up and planned to buy it but then thought to read the ingredients. Propylene glycol, one of the ingredients I wanted to avoid. Sigh!

So this morning, after at least a month of looking, I finally broke down and ordered vanilla beans off ebay. I decided on the ones in the link above mainly because I didn't want to commit to a big order of half a pound since finances are tight.

The hardest part will be going to the liquor store to buy either vodka or bourbon for the base for the vanilla extract I plan to make. I do not drink alcohol at all and have literally not touched the stuff in about 15 years (except, of course, in extracts).

I am also planning on making other extracts for ice cream making so I hope it turns out. Mint would be nice, as would orange. It will also be a lot cheaper than buying those tiny little bottles which also contain questionable ingredients.

I think I mentioned making ice cream a couple of times.  Yes, I finally got an ice cream maker!  I'm so excited about it :).  So far we've only made old fashioned vanilla but today I'm making pumpkin pie ice cream and Saturday I am making egg nog ice cream.  Mmmmm!  This is the one I got, Hamilton Beach and it was $46 something Canadian on  I had $40 in gift certificates from swagbucks so I didn't have to pay much at all!  I really wanted a Cuisinart but when I put it in my cart, they jacked u the price.  Then it went down when I ordered this.  It seemed strange.  Then they went on sale at Canadian Tire for $59 but I am not going to complain.  I have what I want and I'm going to be happy with it!