Monday, January 17, 2011

11th Heaven's $100 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

link: 11th Heaven's Product Reviews: $100 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

Here is a chance to win something awesome! Click the above link to enter a contest to win $100 CNS stores giveaway. I love looking at their site, and yes they ship to Canada :)

So check it out!

I am in the midst of a big freezer cook and will be back later to write about it and come up with a meal plan for the week. What am I making?

-white castle hamburger pie
-meatloaf muffins
-cabbage un-roll casserole
-salmon and tuna muffins

As usual, I've made adjustments to these recipes so I'll post more about them later and also show pics of the cute little baking dishes I got!  They are so cool!