Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Gluten Free Adventure

I finally convinced the kids to give gluten free a try for two weeks.  I explained it the best I could, no flour, no bread, no cereal or anything that contains these ingredients for two weeks unless Mommy says it's ok.  Gulp!  I am mostly doing it for Shaylee's benefit but I have a feeling everyone has some degree of gluten intolerance, just with different symptoms.  I'm not sure if Mark is playing along but I hope so as I know it would help him.

We will be starting on Monday, so I'll have a few days to get ready.  They "liked" the banana bread but Ethan was convinced there was something pink in it.  It was just banana that wasn't fully mushed in but he wouldn't eat any more.  I think the muffins would go over better overall so I'll just make them in muffins for the kids from now on and maybe try some variations (like cinnamon, blueberry and/or other fruit, ect...).  I will also get some gluten free cereal since I won't make them go low carb, just lower (as in I am not shelling out a fortune for a bunch of fake foods but a few things are ok if it will make life more tolerable ;) ).

On the homefront, I finally decided something else.  Not as life changing.  I bought two crockpots as gifts for relatives this Christmas, only $10 each!  They weren't as big as I thought they were and I lost the sales slip so I couldn't bring them back.  I was going to save them for future gifts, like a wedding gift or something (I think crockpots are awesome!) but I decided that even though I have one, I would really like to have a second one.  So I opened one up and I have both on the go today.  I have a chicken roasting in the big one and scalloped turnip in the other.  If the turnip comes out, I'll share the recipe because it's different from anything I've seen online.  The smaller crockpot is the perfect size for vegetable dishes and desserts so I have a feeling I'll use it quite a bit.