Monday, January 3, 2011

Meal Plan Monday January 3rd, 2011

New Year, new chances.  If I am to make how I want to eat work, I need to start meal planning again.  This is all tentative and only for me and for the main meal of the day (the meal Mark is home for, varies due to his varying shifts).  If someone doesn't like what I have planned, I will make them something else.  I'm easy like that if it means sticking to what I want to eat, especially since I'm the only one eating all three meals a day at home (kids have lunch and sometimes breakfast at school and Mark eats at work).

Breakfast will generally be eggs and sometimes yogurt, maybe the occasional berries. My other meal will be leftovers, eggs, freezer stash food or something just thrown together.  I plan to occasionally spend a day cooking so I can have meals in the freezer that are easy for me to heat and eat.  Snacks will be things like hard boiled eggs, leftover bits of food, nibbles of cheese and lots of water.

I am eating lower carb but not no carb.  Veggies are good; they didn't make me big and unhealthy but I will avoid the high glycemic ones.  I am definately going to be no grain and I want to avoid treats for a while (there are tons of low carb healthy treats that I can make but they can be dangerous when trying to get back into the swing of eating right).

I will not repeat the above in future posts about meal planning :)

Meal Plan Monday January 3rd- Sunday January 9th 2011

Monday: Pork chops, mixed vegetables (broccoli, green and red peppers, onions)

Tuesday: Crockpot roasted chicken, green beans (freezer)

Wednesday: Corned Beef and Cabbage (at least I think it's corned beef; no potato for me)

Thursday: Chicken Stew (from leftover chicken and stock made from carcass; thickened with arrowroot powder)

Friday: Crustless pizza (regular pizza for family with sourdough crust.  If I'm motivated, I may make an oopsie-like crust for my pizza)

Saturday: Burgers (bunless for me; something like these French Onion burgers but without the icky ingredients sounds good!), coleslaw

Sunday: Ham or pork roast (have to see what we have in the freezer), veggies from freezer

I am doing Kelly The Kitchen Kop's challenge and I am also doing the Spark People 28 day boot camp challenge (but my own way).    I am determined to make major changes this year and I need accountability to myself in doing so.  This will be my year to shine!