Saturday, January 8, 2011

Creamy Beef

I didn't know what to call this but this is the best way to describe it.  Beefy.  Creamy.  YUMMY!!!

I made a roast in the crockpot a few days ago that was very yummy, cooked with garlic and onions (no, I'm not really following my meal plan but that's ok).  I made a gravy with arrowroot flour and saved what was left with the shredded leftover beef.  I had an idea of what I wanted to make and that is what I wanted to have for supper tonight but I invited Dad over on the spur of the moment for supper tonight and found myself at 6pm figuring out how to make enough food for everyone since there wasn't much beef left (not quite 2 cups but we were all starving!) but it needed to get used up.  Whew, what a long run on sentence!! I was in bit of a panic.

So, I cut up a few onions and sliced about 3/4lbs of mushrooms.  I sauteed these in butter then added the beef and leftover "gravy" (it was kind of runny at this point so if you just wanted to add a cup of broth, it would work).  I then added half a cup of cream cheese and let it heat until it melted through.  Soooo good!  Even Dad, who never comments or says anything is good said it was good!  And there was enough!  I made everyone else mashed potatoes and corn to go with it and a big bowl of coleslaw, which I had a hearty portion of.  It was so good there was none left to take a picture of (and I always feel weird taking pictures of food when there are people around).

A very quick, simple, easy dish that dresses up leftovers good enough for company!