Monday, January 10, 2011

Meal Plan Monday January 10th, 2011

Two weeks in a row, I'm on a roll, lol!!

Ok, I didn't do that great with following the plan last week.  I did stick to not running out to buy things for our meals and I tried very hard not to waste.

This morning I did a big grocery shop and boy, are prices increasing!  The price of food is going up and our income is going down since Marks hours are being cut.  Sour cream that is usually $2.49 is now $3.89!  (the only kind that doesn't have icky ingredients)  Cream cheese is around $4 a package.  Kefir went up to $4 for a 454ml container, which I indulged in and dropped it right after having a couple tablespoons, meaning there is only about a tablespoon left, grrr!!  I know I should be making it but I'm scared my grains are dead.

Produce is getting more expensive, of course, due to the time of the year and more things needing to be shipped in. I really wanted cauliflower because there are so many awesome low carb recipes you can make with it.  Well, they don't have frozen anymore and the conventional heads from Mexico are the same price as the organic heads from the USA, $3.99.  I hemmed and hawed and ended up buying a head.  I am not doing the greatest for buying local but it is hard when you are on a restricted diet and there isn't much in season that is low carb.  Eventually you just get tired of cabbage, lol!!  Sometimes we just have to do the best we can, especially when on a very tight budget.

So here is my marvelous Meal Plan for the week:
Monday: Niece's birthday party (I am expecting not to be able to eat anything so I'll come home and have some of this wonderful bone broth I have brewing in my crockpot!)

Tuesday: Steak, fried mushrooms and onions, riced cauliflower

Wednesday: Spaghetti squash with sauce and fresh Parmesan cheese with leftover steak slices (meatballs for the family)

Thursday: Turkey (I have a few in the freezer that need to get used up!), cranberry and rhubarb sauce (which I will somehow make low carb without artificial sweeteners with frozen berries I stored this fall), mashed cauliflower

Friday: Pizza! (cauliflower crust for me, regular for rest of family, make extra to freeze for lunches)

Saturday: Low carb turkey hash (will create when time comes ;) ).

Sunday: crockpot chicken or leftover turkey, cabbage, mashed turnip

There.  Once again, I may or may not stick to it but I hope I do because it sounds good to me!   And yes, I really am going to make that head of cauliflower stretch!