Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coconut flour & phytic acid | Phytic Acid: Tips for consumers from food science.

Link: Coconut flour & phytic acid

This is something that I have wondered about, does coconut flour need to be soaked? Is there phytic acid in it? Well, there appears to be a small amount and there isn't enough to be concerned about, which is of relief to me.

I am planning this week to go back to grain free/low-ish carb/gluten free/whatever. Eating healthy isn't good if I'm sneaking cookies every time I walk by them. Not healthy cookies but the Oreos and Fudgeos that we got for 99 cents a box. I notice I am not feeling as well as I should and there is a reason I am craving this junk. So tomorrow I am cutting it out. I don't know what to call it since I will still have technical grains but I will be avoiding flour based foods and if I need something, I will make it out of coconut flour. It's not really low carb as I'm not restricting starchy veggies and it's not entirely gluten free. I'm doing my own thing...traditionally! Nourishing my body. Healing.

So now that I know coconut flour is a good choice, I will have more options. Plus many recipes only call for a very small amount and lots of eggs, a good way to get those nourishing yummies in your tummy :).

I will still be soaking for the family and will NOT be buying any more junk. Mark brought the kids to a fun fair Saturday and they had candy and candy apples. Well, Ethan was literally bouncing off the wall, just totally unable to stop moving (he even said he didn't know why he couldn't stop). I know it's primarily because of the candy apple and all that red dye 40. It doesn't affect Shaylee the same way, thank goodness, but I know I should be more careful with both of them regardless as they are toxic! It really made me really sure about abolishing the artificial stuff in our diets, especially food colouring. But by golly, it sure is hard, especially around Halloween and with Christmas on the way!