Saturday, October 2, 2010

Don't Be Fooled

It can be very easy to be fooled when shopping at the grocery store. I went thinking I would get some items, particularly cheese since there are some foods I want to make in the upcoming week. They only had part skim mozza so I only bought one plus a pack of old cheese.

Then I got browsing.

I picked up a couple packages of marshmallows. I put them back. I remembered I need to avoid junk and get the kids off refined sugar products. Plus I have a few packs kicking around. I mostly wanted the 10 air miles.

Then I remembered I saw bottles of maple syrup for $3.99 earlier. I grabbed a couple of bottles. Something made me stop and closer examine the bottles. I realized it didn't say pure maple syrup on the front and on closer examination the only place maple appeared was in the product name. I looked at the ingredients. Ingredient: sugar, Water, Pure Maple Syrup, Invert Sugar, Natural Maple Flavour. So the 100% Natural Canadian Syrup was mostly comprised of water and sugar, eh? Big surprise, eh?

So make sure you are looking at the labels. $3.99 is too much to pay for sugar syrup. Forsythes, a farm market I love to visit, has 2L bottles for $27-something of pure maple syrup, a lot better than the $39.99 at the store (for the same bottle I paid $25 for earlier this year). I'll make sure I have enough cash next time I go!

Oh, another thing is I wanted donair meat. They had big packages for $3.99, enough for a couple good meals for me and Mark. I put it in my cart, then thought to look at the ingredients. I couldn't pronounce half of them. That went back on the shelf too. I will just have to learn how to make good donair meat. I think I found a good recipe The problem is non-Atlantic Canadians are giving the recipes I find bad reviews since they're comparing them to gyros. Unless you've had an authentic donair, you don't know what you're missing! I have the sauce down pat, I can make the pitas (or use some type of homemade flat bread) but the meat has always given me trouble.

One last thing. I was told that I will not be making the cake after all. I was kind of relieved.

Well, I have good news and a fabulous market report in the making but I won't share that now. I'm pretty excited though!!