Saturday, October 30, 2010

Soaked Dough Pizza and Garlic Fingers

Pizza is a favorite around here. It is one of my favorite foods to eat. Garlic fingers are right up there, especially with donair sauce!! It is a local thing but one which you must try! I can't find a good way to make donair sauce really healthy but it is something you wouldn't want to eat very often anyway.

Usually, I just use my normal bread dough for pizza. This time, I soaked it as I have been doing for my homemade bread. Here is how I do it:

Bread Machine Homemade Soaked Dough Pizza and Garlic Fingers

3.5 cups of whole wheat flour
1.5 cups of warm water
3-4 tablespoons kefir

Put these items in the bread machine and put on dough cycle. Let it work for the first cycle until it comes to the rest period then shut the machine off. I usually leave it right in there but you could also put it in a bowl and cover it to sit on the counter overnight.

The next day mix the following in a small bowl:

1/4 cup very warm water (not hot)
2 tablespoons honey
a sprinkle of salt
2 tablespoons olive oil

Stir well to dissolve the honey then sprinkle 2 tsp yeast on top. Let proof about 10 minutes. Put the bread machine back on the dough cycle and start. Slowly add the liquid ingredients, letting them mix in without sloshing around. When all the ingredients are worked into the soaked dough, let it knead until the first rest period then shut the machine off again. You can let it rise at this point but I usually start working it right away. I think it's more tender if you let it rise at least once before rolling out.

Grease two pizza pans or cookie sheets. This will make at least 3 12" round crusts so divide the dough into even portions and roll them into the desired shape. I usually freeze one to have on hand (either rolled out and frozen on a pizza pan or in just a lump).

For pizza, spread with pizza sauce or desired tomato based sauce (I usually use the kids favorite spaghetti sauce). Top with desired toppings and sprinkle with cheese.

For garlic fingers, spread with butter and top with grated mozzerella cheese and minced garlic that have been minced together. If you have a favorite garlic butter, use that and use less garlic.

Bake at 400 degrees until the tops are brown and bubbly. Slice the garlic fingers into long, thin slices and servegarlic fingers with donair sauce.
Another way that I make donair sauce is put half a cup each milk powder and sugar into a blender. Add 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup of boiling water as well as a tablespoon or two of sugar. Blend until well mixed (I sometimes have to adjust the ingredients but I can't remember exactly). The third way I've tried is a can of sweetened condensed milk with enough vinegar added to make it sweet but tart. Like I said, not ideal ingredients but best saved as a rare treat. I've tried making with natural sweeteners, but it is tricky to make and never tastes right.