Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Move Over, Taco Bell

Sometimes I just want a good taco. Living in a town where Taco Bell is the only place that serves them, that just doesn't happen. The last time I had taco bell, it was so gross to me. I was convinced I was going to get sick, it tasted so bad (I couldn't finish it and I used to devour their tacos!)

I decided to make my own! Not only would they be cheaper, they would be healthier and they would be more in line with what I want to put in my body. Plus, my kitchen never closes! Not to mention the much better taste!

Grass-fed Tacos with soaked flour Tortillas

For the tortillas, the night before, I soaked 2 cups of flour with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of kefir (but you can use yogurt, vinegar or lemon juice) and 3/4 cup of warm water. Mix well until the flour is completely damp and in a firm ball.

Cover with a damp kitchen towel and let soak overnight.

When ready to use, add about half a teaspoon of salt and knead well for a couple of minutes until it is well mixed. You may need a little extra flour if it's sticky. Divide and roll into 8 to 12 equal balls. I weighed mine and they were about 1.40 oz each to make a dozen. Let rest for half an hour, again covered with a damp towel.

Heat up a frying pan until it is very hot then turn down to medium (I like cast iron as it holds the heat and you can even turn it down more). Put the balls of dough between two sheets of plastic wrap and either roll out with a rolling pin or if you have one, use a tortilla press. I find it takes exactly the same amount of time to roll a new tortilla as it does for one to cook. Turn them over when they start turning bubbly. It is easy to get a knack for when they are done. As they are done cooking, place under a damp towel so they stay soft and pliable.

For the taco meat, I fried a pound of my grass fed beef until browned. I actually added a cup of water since I was cooking from frozen so it kind of "steamed" the meat with the cover on (I don't know for sure, but it seems to cook quicker this way). I roughly followed Kelly The Kitchen Kop's recipe for homemade taco seasoning, although I put more cumin and 1/8 tsp of pure chipolte powder. I used to make large jars of it when I made tacos more and I probably will have to again :). The water was cooked down a lot so I added half a cup more with the seasonings, although you could probably add tomatoes or tomato paste, whatever floats your boat. I let cook at a low temperature until it was fairly dry and I knew the flavors were fully merged.

To serve, I made a plate of our favorite taco toppings (all fresh, local ingredients):

If you can believe it, our kids don't like tacos so I made these for our lunch. Maybe if I make them some that aren't very spicy they will enjoy them more :). They did seem to like the plain tortillas. I plan to make chips out of them some time since I know they like those!

As for me and Mark, we loved these! They were great, so good. I had three (they were small!). I did spice them up a little too much but in a good way. Yogurt was good after, but it would of been good on top too. So would sour cream. Yum. Too bad I already ate the leftovers!


Dr. Laura Aridgides said...

Carla, this makes me want tacos...umm...NOW!! I LOVE tacos, and I too am in a location where taco bell is about the only choice. I also like to make my own tortillas, but have never soaked them, so I'll give that a try next time, as well as the seasoning too. This makes me hungry for dinner.

Thanks for sharing with Dr. Laura's Tasty Tuesday!!

Dr. Laura