Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yum Foods!


As I mentioned, we were away this weekend. We spent two nights at the Super 8 Motel in Windsor. Our church was having a stake conference in Halifax but we wanted to stay outside of the city. Bonus was Mark's brother and his family stayed there too so the kids had cousins to play with.

Of course when we travel, I often check out food that is locally made or try to find out where farmers markets are or just interesting things to check out. I was quite pleased to see that Yum Foods! was celebrating their grand opening of their retail outlet in Windsor! Yay! I had seen their products on the shelf but they were a little pricey. I especially wanted to get a bottle of tahini but at $10, it was a luxury I had to pass up.

We decided to go on Saturday and promptly got lost. They had a sign in the downtown area of Windsor so I got Mark to call and the lady there happily gave us directions (hint, if you're driving downtown towards Falmouth, there is a fork in the road and the left side goes up a big hill. Look to your left and you will see the sign down a side street as you are driving up. Yes, the sign below. Oh look, they are the same age that I am!).
As soon as we walked in, she told us they were planning to have a production meeting because they could not keep their products on the shelf! We had fun looking around. It wasn't a big store but there were lots of yummy things! Bakery goods, lots of different nut butters, maple syrup and related products, preserves and other locally made goods.

We ended up buying a bottle of peanut butter ($4, comparable to conventional), tahini ($6), cashew butter ($5), bread (on reduced rack for $1.50) and a tray of super yummy pumpkin muffins ($2.50; even the kids liked these!). All the nut butters had literally just been ground. The tahini bottle was kind of greasy on the outside. They must be whisking them to the shelf as fast as they make them! I was tempted to get two bottles but I restrained myself since it doesn't have the long shelf life the preservative filled kind has. The organic nut butters were tempting too but at $9 for organic and $18 for almond, we had to pass. Next time we'll definitely be getting some regular almond.

So I will definitely be going back some day! It is kind of surprising what you can find produced locally if you take the time to look. I know they do not grow the nuts here (they explain this on their website, ), but knowing I can support a local-ish buisness to process and buy from that does not use additives and preservatives, that makes me happy :)