Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where's the beef?

It's in ma freezer!

We finally have the quarter beef that I have wanted to get for so long and now I can shut up about it, lol! It took me a while to convince Mark, but after watching Food Inc with me yesterday, I think he is starting to see things my way.

I got a call this morning to put in my cut order. Fortunately Heather walked me through it (but I imagine I'll need to be walked through it next time we order, lol!). Then she told me where to pick it up and that it would be ready at 1pm.

On the way, I got Mark to deposit the money I had been hanging on to which was almost enough to cover it. At the farm where our meat was cut, there was a friendly collie named Sophie and a black cat that eyed us suspiciously. We were a little surprised when we walked in as there was a carcass hanging right in front of the door! We were unsure if we should go in. I still have some of my OCD habits and being in a bloody-ish room with hanging carcasses and that earthy meat smell kind of turns me off. I ended up holding the door for everyone.

We ended up with two boxes and two bags of meat. It costs $350 and I forget how many cents. It was about 137lbs hanging weight and $2.55 a pound cut and wrapped to our specifications. It took up nearly a third of our freezer, making me very grateful we had been eating it down (although there is still a ton of food in there!).

I feel so blessed that I can have the comfort of having a freezer full of safe, organically raised (but not certified) grass fed pastured beef that was treated kindly during its life.

So for supper I took out a round steak and a t-bone steak, which we'll be eating with potatoes and fried mushrooms and onions. Sounds like a kings feast to me!